Who are The Drinks Trust?

NDML partners with The Drinks Trust

We are very happy to announce our partnership with The Drinks Trust, the drinks industry’s charitable organisation. The Drinks Trust share many values of our own; offering services such as wellbeing, financial support and professional advice. Post-pandemic and over the COVID crisis, The Drinks Trust provided unprecedented support to individuals, and like ourselves, stood out as a leading voice for the industry.

The Drinks Trust are globally recognised, receiving donations and providing their services to members all over the world. Their main support group are workers on zero hours contracts in bars and clubs, helping them survive the cost of living crisis with financial grants. But they also provide training course to graduate and those wanting to enter the sector, as well as wellbeing support and therapeutic support completely free.

NDML have seen the good work The Drink Trust have done and all they have achieved post-pandemic. We recognise the importance of their surveys, helping to understand the diverse nature of our industry and what more needs to be done to evolve it.

We feel that by partnering with The Drinks Trust, we increase our avenues for supporting the hospitality and nightlife community. Not only that, but we also felt the partnership was a natural fit due to our sister company We Are Wellbeing, the corporate wellbeing provider, sharing knowledge on how best to further benefit hospitality businesses.

Who are The Drinks Trust?

The Drinks Trust are an association of professionals who work within the hospitality industry. The Drinks Trust provide financial assistance, educational courses and wellbeing support to workers and businesses. 

Established in 1886 as The Wine and Spirit Association’s Benevolent Society, with an aim to support hospitality employees facing hardship, they rebranded to what we know as The Drinks Trust in March 2020. It’s mission to enable the members of its community to thrive and succeed. This holistic approach was approved to answer the needs of the modern drinks industry.

What we wish to achieve through the partnership?

  • Collaborate to increase our range of auxiliary services for hospitality businesses.
  • To learn and evolve our offering for hospitality businesses.
  • As a donor, continue to financially support members of our industry.
  • Improve collaboration within the sector, come together as one voice in support of the industry.
  • Educate clients and partners on the services The Drinks Trust can provide.

Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust comments: “We are incredibly thankful to the team at NDML for actively supporting The Drinks Trust’s work by becoming a Business Partner. This vital financial support will have a tangible impact on the lives of our colleagues and friends in the drinks hospitality community, and it will enable The Drinks Trust to provide more help to those in need during these challenging times.”

Victoria Romero-Trigo, Director of NDML said: “We are very happy with our partnership with The Drinks Trust. Never more has it been as important for the industry’s leaders to help its members and pioneer for further support. Charitable organisations like The Drinks Trust are essential because of the nightlife crisis caused by the economy and the cost of living. We hope this to be an important representation of NDML’s continued support of our clients and the nightlife industry.”