Late Night Leisure Operator Insurance

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NDML have been specialists in the late night leisure market since 1998, and have provided cover for prestigious operators all over the country. NDML’s knowledge, experience, and ability to offer advice and support to every individual client no matter how unique their requirements, presents the ideal choice. With NDML, you can guarantee your business will have the appropriate cover and the complete protection it needs. There is simply no need to risk any other choice.

Who do we provide this insurance for?

20 years in the business means we have provided insurance, and importantly the peace of mind that comes with it, to many establishments throughout the United Kingdom. These include:

• Nightclubs
• Late bars
• Discotheques
• Public Houses
• …and more

Why do you need this insurance?

Insurance is so highly sought after by these establishments because experience operators know how severe the consequences can be if they’re caught without it. Whether damage is caused to property or people, cover is essential to keep the repercussions to a minimum; especially when employees can sue just as easily as members of the general public.

It’s also a legal requirement to have Employers’ Liability cover if you are an employer. If you fail to display an El certificate upon demand you risk a £1, 000 fine – plus an additional £2,500 for every additional day until you are insured.

Other forms of insurance may not be legally required but that does not mean they are less necessary. In most cases, being careful and hoping for the best just is not enough. Simple bad luck could result in huge financial loss and potentially even the end of a business. This is why insurance is important, and with NDML, clients are guaranteed services that are as professional and thorough as they are reasonably priced.

Is late night leisure insurance “high risk”? Will I be penalised?

The late night industry has traditionally been regarded by insurers as high risk, and premiums have reflected this. But NDML rejects this view as an unfair penalty to late night leisure operators. We understand that although there may be some incidents that could initially be considered “high risk”, (mainly to do with alcohol and drug abuse), such incidents are rare and not reflective of the millions of people who go out to enjoy themselves every year.

What will the insurance cover?

Decades in the insurance industry have shown us how varied establishments and their needs can be, which is why NDML tailor insurance packages to suit your specific situation and requirements. With this unique approach, you never pay extra for coverage that you don’t need. The insurance package can be as thorough as you like, which is important when liability issues are as frequent as they are. In terms of essentials, any and all establishments that hire one or more employees, even those that work on a part-time basis or are contractors, need to be covered by Employers’ Liability insurance. Local authorities require establishments that welcome the public to their premises to have Public Liability insurance. Both of these are included in our late night leisure operator insurance packages.

Employers & Public Liability would be the minimum starting option, ideally all aspects of your business from the buildings, contents, entertainment equipment would be covered alongside money cover (cash) and cover if your licence is removed, business interruption cover is also imperative so if you are unfortunate to suffer a loss which results in you being closed/reduced operation then the business loss of income is covered.

Trust your business with someone who understands your venue and the risks it faces.

For further information, to arrange a confidential face to face review or to speak to one of our experts – simply browse our website, fill out the contact form or call 0844 488 9205.