Wellbeing Services

Wellbeing services for the night-time industry

Improve your company culture and support employee wellbeing with We Are Wellbeing. 

NDML has teamed up with corporate wellbeing provider, We Are Wellbeing, to help support our clients’ wellbeing strategies. Existing NDML customers will also receive an exclusive discount.  

It’s proven that a happy and healthy team delivers the best results for any business. We know that mental health in the night-time industry is a big problem. Long and unsociable hours, low pay, demanding roles and job security can negatively impact on your employees’ overall wellbeing. Shift workers can therefore be left at an increased risk of mental ill health, sleep disorders and poor nutrition.

Let’s look at the four key pillars: Physical, Mental, Social and Financial. To achieve an overall sense of wellbeing, you must feel happy and satisfied across each of the four pillars. And this doesn’t happen overnight… particularly in demanding industries such as the night-time sector. 

With the help of We Are Wellbeing, you can equip your team with the tools they need to better manage their physical and mental health, relationships and finances. 

Following a FREE Wellbeing Insights survey, the team will develop a comprehensive bespoke wellbeing programme to support your team across key areas. These services include:

The We Are Wellbeing team have decades of experience in the health and wellbeing sector, so they are best placed to support your venue in delivering an exceptional wellbeing programme. 

Developing a positive and supportive workplace culture can be key to unlocking your staff’s true potential and encouraging them to thrive both personally and professional. 

To find out more, contact the We Are Wellbeing team for a free consultation.