3 ways to Prepare Your Nightclub for the Bank Holiday

Updated May 2023:

Do I Have to Pay Staff For an Extra Bank Holiday?

With us well into the ‘Bank Holiday Season’, you, as employers, will be well aware that we have an additional bank holiday to consider this year.

Owners and Managers should check whether they have to grant the extra Bank Holiday to their employees. This will depend on the employee’s contract wording as to whether you will need to pay staff and award the extra bank holiday.

Find out whether you need to pay staff for Monday 8th May. Many businesses are asking staff to take the day as annual leave or a day of unpaid leave. You can also offer employees the option to work the day if they do not wish to book annual or unpaid leave.

However many leisure and hospitality venues will be open over the bank holiday, catering to the expected increase in custom. Read more below on how to best prepare your nightclub, pub or bar for the busy bank holidays.

April 2023:

Bank Holiday Preparation for Nightclubs, Bars and Pubs

For nightclubs, pubs and bars, the most important days in the year are the bank holidays. This year these public holidays have been made all the more important by the cost of living crisis and the difficulties facing independent venues.

It’s NDML’s mission to protect nightclubs, pubs and bars, which is why we’ve listed three aspects venue owners should remember in order to best prepare their business for these crucial few days.

1. Utilise Video Surveillance

Bank Holiday are some of the busiest periods for pubs and clubs, often where they see the highest footfall. Video surveillance is a key component for keeping your nightclub or bar safe during busy times. The benefits of effective and well-placed CCTV equipment include:

  • Locate thieves and lost items

Video surveillance will be your security manager’s first port of call when a report of theft or lost phones comes in.

  • Locate spiking and criminal behaviour

Clearly locate and monitor a history of spiking at your venue through the use of cameras. Check on suspect individuals and monitor their behaviour throughout their time at your venue.

  • Monitor outside your premises

Most incidents take place outside the club, on the doorstep, however these incidents can still have a significant impact on your club’s reputation. Protect staff and passers-by with surveillance. Also look out for vandalism or destruction of club windows and outdoor seating areas.

  • Identify drunk behaviour

Not too difficult to stop but difficult to prevent, drink behaviour will forever plague clubs on bank holidays. Surveillance will help to identify those who are getting out of hand, and prevent trouble before it happens.

  • Helpful tool for training purposes

Security personnel can use the footage from videos to help with reviewing processes and risk factors. They can also be very helpful when training new employees and security staff, identifying specific scenarios.

Now’s the time to check your video survielance is working. Or you can choose to update your system or even put up a new CCTV system all together. Having this in place will benefit your business in the long run and also help to improve your risk awareness.

2. Hiring Entertainment, Contractors and Equipment

At this time of year, it’s common for venues to hire extra entertainment to help draw the crowds. Expending outdoors, contractors often come in to boost the entertainment space. Have an idea of what entertainment you’d like at your venue and get the service booked in for the bank holiday.

The drawback, some of these extra activities or suppliers may have hazards that aren’t normally present at your venue. So, if you are hiring hazardous equipment or attractions, it’s imperative that you make sure that all equipment has a full check and service history carried out by a qualified professional. It’s also important that the equipment, and anyone tasked with running it on the day, has its/their own insurance.

You should request a copy of the public liability certificate from the contractor. If you’re unsure whether it’s valid or the liability limit is adequate, we’d be happy to take a look for you.

3. Update Risk Assessments and Health and Safety

All nightclub and bar venues are subject to the Health & Safety at Work Act. This covers and any staff working the event, or volunteers, who are classed as employees for the purposes of Employers Liability and Health & Safety legislation.

Risk assessments and proper risk management are vital in the avoidance of any claims – especially considering changes to the sentencing for gross negligence manslaughter claims.

The event organiser has a duty to ensure that all areas of your premises and any equipment on it, is safe and won’t cause harm to any staff or visitor.

NDML Risk Assessments

We mentioned risk assessments and risk management in the same breath, as both are virtually null and void without the other.

Again, NDML are experts in risk management, so if you need any help in devising a risk management strategy for your event, we’re happy to help.

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