Getting Eurovision Ready

Eurovision is nearly here, and with this weekend set to see the UK host a celebration of European music, it’s important that your venue can make the most of the increased footfall, as well as staying safe and claim free. Particularly if you’re in the host city – Liverpool!

Eurovision is always a great time for music lovers to come together and celebrate the weird, wonderful and wackiness that it brings. This collective excitement is also a great way to entice customers into your venue. Whether this be hosting a theme night, playing Eurovision music, encouraging fancy dress or even screening the event.

There are a number of things you could consider introducing for the weekend to engage customers and drive sales. Eurovision themed cocktails are a particularly popular option, creating drinks that represent certain countries or famous Eurovision entries is a great way to drive drink sales and take part in the excitement.

Excitement building for Eurovision in Liverpool

We recently sat down with Matt Farrell from Graffiti Spirits Group, to talk about his preparations for Eurovision, the impact it will have on Liverpool and what he’s looking forward to. You can watch what he had to say below 👇

Advice for Liverpool venues for Eurovision

For any venues in Liverpool, it’s likely to be a bumper weekend. With visitors flooding in from across the UK and Europe, footfall is guaranteed to soar. With Eurovision revellers looking for a place to gear up for the big night, and a place to party when the event is over!

This is great news, and a fantastic opportunity to showcase what Liverpool has to offer and drive revenue across the weekend.

However, as with any particularly busy weekend, it comes with increased risk and it’s important to review these risks ahead of time to ensure your venue can remain claim free, keeping your staff and customers safe throughout.

This increased footfall is likely to be similar to a bank holiday or other similar busy period, so we’ve pulled together a collection of our advice from over the years to help you keep safe and secure 👇

Preparing Your Nightclub for Bank Holiday

Risk Management for Venues over Bank Holidays

Making the Most of Outdoor Space

Keeping Your Venue Claim Free

Take the time to review this advice, which will all apply to the increased footfall over bank holiday weekend. And as always, if you need support or want to talk about your risk management over the weekend, you can always talk to our team.

Let us know about any additional equipment

If you’re hosting special Eurovision events with new or rented equipment over the weekend, it’s important you let us know. Any additions to your venue could need declaring to your insurer, and whilst it may not increase your premium, it’s still important to declare it in case anything were to happen.

NDML clients should get in touch with their usual point of contact to let us know about any changes, and any other venues should consider talking to their broker or insurer. If you’re not sure how to best protect your venue, you can always talk to our team who will be happy to show you the benefits of working with the UK’s best late-night, leisure and hospitality broker.