Are you ready for Christmas?

The nights are getting darker. There’s a calming chill in the air. Every street is adorned with lights and festive cheer. That can only mean one thing.

Christmas is here. Well, almost, at least.

We’re guessing that as we’re now comfortably into November, your venue’s party season is well underway. Halloween and bonfire night have been and gone. Now is time for the Christmas celebrations.

We’re really looking forward to it. Anyone who has ever been a client or partner of NDML will know how much we love the UK’s night life. We think it’s the best in the world. And what better time to showcase it than the season of happiness and goodwill for all.

We’ve been in the business for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve seen venues just like yours continue to make Christmas bigger and better than the years before.

But, unfortunately, we’ve also seen plenty of examples of things going wrong for venues at Christmas.

The problem with increased footfall and more events is that there is a greater possibility for accidents and mishaps. And we don’t just mean trips and slips.

There will be plenty of risks that you might not even think about, but they’re there all the same.

Take, for example, industrial deafness. More parties and longer opening hours will create new types of noise exposure for your employees. In some circumstances, employees will be subject to loud noise in jobs where there usually is none. Have you considered a rota for staff to ensure they’re not working next to loud speakers for too long? Or protective gear for their ears.

Another example of increased pressures on venues at Christmas are council challenges resulting from neighbour complaints. If your neighbours aren’t used to music into the early hours, their complaints may cause the council to consider your license. It’s extreme, but these things can happen. Have you considered limiting music in rooms that directly adjourn to neighbouring properties? Or hiring security staff to keep the peace on the streets outside.

Those were two very different but equally possible scenarios if you’re not prepared for the increased pressure that Christmas will put on your business.

Without the proper cover, the revenue you take over Christmas could be completely obliterated by the cost of paying out a claim.

The only proper protection against business-threatening claims is business-championing insurance. Which is exactly what NDML offer. We work hard with our clients to make sure that they have the right preventative measures in place and the right amount of cover if anything were to go wrong.

We’ll help you make a proper risk management checklist which includes precautions against both the above examples and a whole lot more.

For a more in depth discussion about protecting your business this Christmas, call us today on the number at the top of this page.

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