Protect your venue during the UK lockdown with our dormancy checklist

There’s no doubt about it – these are challenging times. The government has announced strict measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes enforced closure of all ‘non-essential’ shops and venues, meaning all clubs, pubs, theatres, restaurants and hotels must close their doors for at least three weeks.

Premises closures must be taken seriously, with precautionary measures put in place to protect your business during dormancy.

Our dormancy checklist will help to make sure you’ve completed all the adequate steps you need to in order to keep your premises safe and secure.

Take the following steps to ensure your venue is protected:

  • Remove all cash and expensive equipment from your premises
  • Leave empty safes open to deter thieves
  • Check all safety and security systems are working properly, and turned on
  • Isolate any gas supply or mains water supply to reduce the risk of damage
  • Check your venue as regularly as you can (or install a CCTV system that allows you to check your venue remotely)
  • Consider boarding up your premises. Check the Terms and Conditions of your policy to see if this is required by your insurer
  • Take copies of all important documents

Changes in circumstance

Are there any changes in circumstance, such as an alteration in your business operations (delivering food or alcohol, for example) or a change to your Sums Insured? You must notify your insurer or insurance broker as soon as possible to ensure your policy is adequate and up to date.

Our Dormancy Checklist is available to download – simply click the image below.

If you have any questions about the dormancy period, please let us know. You can also follow us on Twitter for further updates and advice.