The future of the leisure economy

Philip Kolvin QC, alongside the Responsible Hospitality Institute, has written an insightful article looking at the future of the leisure economy.

The piece looks at the difficulties facing the leisure sector as we slowly begin to emerge from the coronavirus crisis.

There is an argument that simply allowing the sector to re-open will not save the industry. Many businesses are still likely to end up insolvent. Philip Kolvin QC believes the answer lies in making a series of policy changes. This will protect and promote the sector in the post-lockdown period.

The future of the leisure economy is uncertain. Towns and cities have faced several different difficulties over the past few decades. The COVID-19 pandemic is likely to contribute to these difficulties. But will its impact prove fatal to businessses within the night-time economy?

Respond, Recover and Restore

These three phases are discussed in detail within the article. How can we help promote our social economy and secure its future?

One thing seems certain – the industry will simply not bounce back. We are confronting a new post-coronavirus era and venues must find ways to diversify and respond to this.

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