Live webinar: Hiscox Arbitration

Hiscox Arbitration: Your Questions Answered

The NTIA & NDML are together preparing a legal challenge against Hiscox fighting their delays and declines of business interruption claims for businesses in the leisure & hospitality industry.

Join our digital session on Thursday 7th May 11am – 1pm if you have a Hiscox Business Interruption Policy with the wording below.

The panel includes:

  • Simon Mabb – Managing Director, NDML
  • Michael Kill – CEO, NTIA
  • Philip Kolvin QC – Cornerstone Barristers

Sign up to our live webinar by 2pm on Wednesday 6th May to join us on Thursday 7th May.

Please note, the webinar is only open to Hiscox Business Interruption Policyholders, with wording that matches that shown below.

We are welcoming any business in the leisure & hospitality industry who is insured with Hiscox to take part. Therefore please feel free to share the webinar information with other businesses in our industry you feel may benefit.

Your business interruption policy wording must match the one below to take part in our webinar.

“…We will insure you for your financial losses and other items specified in the schedule, resulting solely and directly from an interruption to your business caused by…
…7. your inability to use the venue due to restrictions imposed by a public authority during the period of insurance following:
a. a murder or suicide;
b. an occurrence of a notifiable human disease;
c. injury or illness of any person traceable to food or drink consumed on the premises;
d. defects in the drains or other sanitary arrangements;
e. vermin or pests at the insured premises.

If you think your wording matches and you’d like to join our class action, then get in touch now.