How can our Business Protection help your business

A standard insurance broker will offer you a standard insurance package. It will probably include all the standard business policies like employer’s liability, public liability, business interruption, contents cover etc.

But standard isn’t what you want. And it certainly isn’t what you need.

In an industry as complicated and ever-changing as night time leisure, you need an extraordinary, tailored policy that covers for all your unique business needs.

That’s why we’ve created NDML Business Protection, a brand new insurance cover available exclusively for NTIA members.

We’ve been in the industry for 20 years and we’ve used all that experience to develop Business Protection alongside the NITA and legal specialists, Rradar.

NDML Business Protection won’t just provide you with cover. It will support you and help to fight against unfair pressures that put your business at risk.

Your focus should be on providing your customers with the best possible experience. Issues such as planning challenges and health and safety breach claims shouldn’t tear you away from what matters.

But we fully understand how issues like those are becoming more and more frequent. And more and more damaging. In fact, we started the ball rolling on the creation of this product as a response to the closing of Fabric nightclub in London. We saw how even the most established venues were under threat, and decided it was time to act.

We created an insurance that would protect your business against legal challenges no matter your size.

Broken down, NDML Business Protection gives you expert legal support against the following challenges:

Licensing*HR and Employment*Health and Safety*Waste and Environmental Regulations*Money Laundering and/or Fraud*Bribery and/or Corruption*Anti-Competitive Practices*Directors and Shareholders duties*Contract Disputes &Debt Recovery*Intellectual Property*Data Protection*Cybercrime*Financial Crime*Motoring Offences*Criminal Offences.

But on top of this, the insurance is ultimately accessible when you need it. We saw too many brokers only offering help and assistance during standard 9-5 hours. But if the police turn up at your door at closing time, you can’t wait until 9am to get advice and assistance.

Our partners, Rradar, are on hand 24/7 for NDML Business Protection customers, meaning you’re protected whenever you need it.

On top of that, Rradar also have an online app where you can find answers at the tap of a screen.

We know that fighting legal action without cover could financially ruin your venue. That’s why our legal assistance cover is worth up to £100,000.

To find out more about the in-depth cover that NDML Business Protection provides, or to get more information on joining the NTIA, send us a message today.

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