Isitchecked: saving money is easier than you thought

Often in insurance, risk management is your saving grace.

For a start, good risk management helps to prevent claims from arising in the first place. It puts processes and procedures in place that are designed to keep people safe and mishaps at a minimum.

But it also helps after an incident has occurred. When you’re defending yourself in a legal case, or you’re trying to get the best settlement from your claim, being able to prove that you took all reasonable precautions to stop the incident happening, is half the battle won.

But the ‘being able to prove’ it part is where things become a little tricky. It’s one thing saying that you made all the relevant risk management checks, but that’s just your word against the claimant.

And that’s why NDML have partnered with isitchecked.

Isitchecked is basically a really clever due diligence programme that allows you to digitally record when a check has been made, whether it be a spillage clearance, a toilet check or a closing down procedure completed.

Once you’ve bought the software (our partnership with isitchecked means prices start from just £20 per month), each of your employees can download the free isitchecked app onto their smartphone and start making checks.

You can split your business into different areas or zones, each with its own unique QR code so you can tell when checks have been made and where they haven’t. You can also create leeway settings which tell the employee how often a zone should be checked.

The app features real-time reporting, automatic notification of failures, automatic escalation of non-compliance and a weekly report of compliance failures sent directly to a nominated person.

Isitchecked is really easy to use, but NDML are here to help you anyway. When you buy the software and you are an NDML customer, we’ll give you completely free isitchecked training and we’ll help you with the initial set-up.

With this physical evidence of checks, you can prove that all reasonable measures have been taken to ensure the safety of your customers, employees and property.

To get isitchecked today, contact NDML on 0488 488 9205 and ask for our isitchecked expert, Dawn.

And remember, if you’re an NTIA member, you could get isitchecked free with your MLP policy.