How Technology is Helping Restaurants

The best dining experience begins in the kitchen:

Technology is advancing forward in the restaurant industry to take the pressure off employees and build consistency in order fulfilment. This means when a sales order is fulfilled to the customers specifications. Finding the right strategy which optimises traditional cost base by simplifying the restaurant supply chain and menu options without affecting customer sales isn’t easy but there are ways you can do this. Technical advancements mean that restaurants can deliver high quality food and perform well against other competitors.

How can technology help restaurants advance?

Restaurants don’t want to repurchase items that have not sold well and so more and more restaurants are turning their eyes to technology which can measure and test to give specific results for each individual. Using AI, menus can be predicted and adapted to quickly deliver a flexible menu which appeals to the desires of the specified audience.

An example of this restaurant technology in use:

Using Mastercard’s Menu Analyser, restaurants can understand customer loyalty over the long term. Menu Analyser has actionable insights meaning it can focus on critical factors like attached basket margin and customer loyalty. Menu Analyzer generates actionable recommendations that drive profitability. Menu Analyser is designed to handle billions of rows of data with run times raging seconds to minutes. This quick-acting service means that there is no backlogs of data waiting to be processed. It also means that customers aren’t kept waiting which increases the chance of repeat business. Menu Analyser is also flexible as it allows you to filter each analysis on a variety of key dimensions such as the day of the week, time of day, store format and guest group.

Why are restaurants using technology?

Restaurants are taking data-driven approaches to menus items by simplifying the menu so that the fewer variations could reduce labour and supply costs. This way, if a consumer still wanted a specific item of the menu, the switch to another option would be easy and the consumer would remain with a good view of the restaurant.

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