Restaurant Loyalty Programmes are Evolving

Built on trust – How to improve your loyalty programme:

Restaurant loyalty programs are the key to encouraging consumers to revisit. The average loyalty schemes are moving forward to become more advanced in their techniques. More and more restaurants are looking to better understand their costumers and so that they can make dining experiences more personal. Restaurants are using apps that allow them to understand their costumers and what they enjoy including the kind of rewards they like. By knowing this, they can offer those rewards and make sure they are accessible to all. Rewards such as discounts and offers give the customer the reason to return as the offers usually have an expiry date or are to be used during a set period.

Ensure you have comprehensive privacy data guidelines on your loyalty scheme:

A loyalty program relies on strong data privacy guidelines. Having the correct data privacy guidelines means a lower risk that the consumers data are leaked. Yet without strong data privacy guidelines, including consumer consented data, loyalty programs will struggle to provide meaningful insights to restaurants. Privacy on the restaurant’s app will ensure that the customer feels respected and understood. It has become increasingly important to have strong data privacy guidelines as consumer want to know where their data is going when they consent.

How is gamification used in loyalty schemes?

Adding games into loyalty schemes makes the loyalty scheme more enjoyable, therefore the consumer is more likely to continue using the restaurant app. Games allow consumers to achieve by winning their rewards. Some restaurants have set challenges that reveal the rewards when you have completed the challenge. This process meant unlocking the rewards while online engagement grows.

More and more people use the loyalty schemes, and the popularity of apps grows. These kind of loyalty schemes grab the attention of consumers as they are engaging and are exciting. They require physical action which urge the consumer to return to the restaurant rather than going to a competitor.

What are the best rewards for restaurant loyalty schemes?

Not all rewards have to be big and exciting. Some rewards later reveal the excitement rather than all at once however some rewards and offers are not as layered as previously stated. Sometimes a simple social media referral to win can start customers on their journeys. The rewards must feel rewarding to the consumer, so it doesn’t matter if its small or not as exciting as a multi-stage challenge, if the consumer enjoys it and feels respected.

The smaller rewards often build emotional loyalty which helps the restaurant capture vital first party insights about its customers. There are offers that let consumers see what the restaurant has to propose which allows them to see if it’s something they desire.

How restaurants can get start their own loyalty scheme

There are various ways and services allowing restaurants and businesses to launch their own loyalty programmes. Ensuring yours is engaging and has great rewards is a crucial step. Apps also offer a platform for your customers to engage with your business, to which you can respond and make appropriate changes.

We strongly advise contacting your insurance broker account handler before arranging an app or loyalty scheme. This is because loyalty programmes concern the collection of customer data, which involves plenty of new laws and complex legislation, and a risk expert will assist you in navigating these legally challenging waters.

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