The importance of good customer service for restaurants

Happy customers usually stem from happy restaurant workers:

When a customer is greeted upon entering your premises, this is their first taste of the restaurant. Indeed, their first impression of the venue could be decided by you, your front-of-house, and your words; these words will have a lasting impact on the way the customer views and receives the restaurant. The behaviour of that one person will affect the rest of their evening.

Being aware of the ripple effect is crucial; it is essentially how actions affect others and their perceptions. This is why staff are taught to smile; when one person smiles, its hard not to also smile. Smiling is extremely contagious. When you walk into a restaurant and you are greeted by a smile, it then has an impact on you.

Restaurants should provide employees with safe working spaces:

When you have employees that work in a safe space, they’ll feel more comfortable, tend to be more friendly and customers will notice the difference. Employees are relaxed in the workplace, improving customer service. This in turn will benefit retention rate.

The workplace environment should be one that promotes productivity, and one that encourages a positive mental attitude. Consumers should also feel like they can speak to their waiters if they should have any problems. Therefore, the best way to improve your restaurant business’s fecundity is to focus on your staff; waiters should be approachable to allow for customers to feel happy and welcomed.

The customer comes first:

Restaurants must remember customers are central to their business. Without customers that return frequently, or regulars, a business can never reach its full potential. Although not as reliant on ‘regulars’ as bars or other hospitality businesses, restaurants still see a significant portion of their sales from returners. Returners rely on a continued positive experience and they will then spread the word; free marketing for your business. Having customers who actively praise the restaurant is a huge boost competitively.

Most customers, from research of various review sites, will say that their experience of a hospitality venues is impacted by two areas: The way in which customers and staff are treated, and if the experience overall has been comfortable. Both of those are the key and should be focussed on by restaurants operators.

How restaurants can improve the consistency of their interactions with customers?

Here are 6 steps a restaurant’s front-of-house can use to improve interactions with customers:

  1. Introducing yourself to the customer in a polite and appropriate
  2. Starting the conversation with a polite gesture to make the customer feel comfortable and happy.
  3. Treat all customers fairly – Customers expect to be treated fairly and when they do get treated fairly, the majority of them leave feeling happy and content with their experience.
  4. Ask about customer preferences or allergies.
  5. Immediately offer a beverage or even starters.
  6. Manage complaints -Deal with customer complaints quickly and quietly.

According to ‘The State of the American Workplace’, employees who are engaged are more likely to improve customer relationships, with a resulting 20% increase in sales. Courteous and polite customer service directly impacts the experience a customer has with a business. It is the easiest way to make a good first impression among customers.

A good customer experience means that you are likely to get more business through word-of-mouth recommendations. The very first interaction will set you up for the duration of the customers visit.

Being polite to customers is key because it helps to build trust and establish a good relationship with the customer, which can lead to repeat business and positive recommendations. Customers are more likely to enjoy their meal and feel satisfied with their experience if they feel respected and valued. By using the right language and tone, you can show customers that you care about their experience and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure they have a good time and, most likely, return.

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