Restaurant News Archive 2023

Check out our 1 minute reads all about restaurants – by guest author Grace Tolson.

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The importance of good customer service for restaurants

When a customer is greeted upon entering your premises, this is their first taste of the restaurant…

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Restaurant Loyalty Programmes are Evolving

Restaurant loyalty programs are the key to encouraging consumers to revisit. The average loyalty schemes are moving forward to become more advanced in their techniques.

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How Technoloy is Helping Restuarants

Technology is advancing forward in the restaurant industry to take the pressure off employees and build consistency in order fulfilment. 

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Do Restaurants have a responsibility to be sustainable?

Restaurants are aiming to be more sustainable and use more climate-friendly produce. This is what sets other restaurants apart from each other…

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How to offer Customers Personalisation in your Restaurants

Restaurants adapting to the needs of their customers is the newest trend that many restaurants are adopting to make customers feel at home.

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