LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND campaign by the NTIA

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The Leave No One Behind campaign aims to rally those inside and outside the nightlife sector to advocate for a reduction in VAT to 12.5% across the board.

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The hospitality and night-time economy sectors are in crisis and urgently need financial relief

During the pandemic, the Government reduced VAT to 5% for many businesses but excluded wet-led pubs, clubs, and bars, which created a huge void in business support, with many of them either closing or suffering immeasurable financial damage.

400 nightclubs have permanently shut. In 2023, records show the UK experienced 12 closures every day. The independent sector has shrunk by 14.1%, that’s more than four times the contraction of the managed sector. If independent businesses are to survive, businesses that make up our highstreets and support our tourism and day-time economy sectors, then they need to be protected.

The NTIA are advocating for VAT to be reduced to 12.5% for all businesses, including alcohol.

NDML agree and state that anything less will not be acceptable. We do not accept the notion that independent businesses should be the collateral damage for the failing of this government and this economy.

How to support the #LeaveNoOneBehind campaign

Email your MP

Follow the link and enter your postcode into box. A suggested draft email will come up for you to send to your MP. We ask you to do this as it needs to be clear what the email is regarding, so the MP can understand the sheer volume o support concerning this matter.

It is vitally important that you put your details into the form, to ensure that the letter is received and considered by your constituent MP.

Furthermore – share this post to advocate for a 12.5% VAT reduction