NDML and Ariel Palitz At The Nighttime Economy Summit 2024

The NDML team attended the NTE Summit Trade Show in Greater Manchester. Set in the Warehouse Project’s Freight Island; the event saw nightlife leaders come together for a series of talks.

NDML exhibited at the event, and we also managed to talk to speakers and panellists. We spoke to Ariel Palitz, Global Hospitality & Government Consultant, and key speaker at the NTE Summit, took some time with us to explain what she’s working towards and how she hopes to accomplish her goals. We wanted to gauge her unfiltered thoughts on the visitor economy sector as part of our Nightlife Unscripted Series.

Watch the video here:

NDML Talks To Ariel Palitz from New York’s Mayor’s Office

I am Ariel Palitz. I’ve come from New York City and I’m the first and former nightlife mayor of New York City.

Where was the last nightlife venue that you visited and how was your experience?

The last nightlife venue I was in was a venue called The Stranger as well as The Nines. The Stranger is a three-story venue with different DJs and karaoke and fortune-telling and a roulette wheel. Yeah it’s really fun.

What have you come to talk about and maybe what have you come to learn about today?

It’s really an international gathering here. There’s people from all over the world. So I think primarily. It’s about an information exchange of what’s going on around the world, and lessons learned; how we can inspire and encourage each other. And primarily also to help Manchester and the UK with their incredible efforts through the NTIA, to elevate the industry.

What would you change about the UK nightlife industry and why?

Well I think what they’re doing with the NTIA is extraordinary work.

The new manifesto that they have released with 44 recommendations; one of which is to have a dedicated person in Parliament to oversee national nighttime economy objectives and priorities.

If I was in Parliament or President then I would make sure I was listening to this organization, listening to their recommendations and having a dedicated person here to help lead the way and listen to the industry. And make sure [venue’s] voices are heard.

Read about the Darkest Before The Dawn manifesto here

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