NDML and Kate Nicholls OBE At The Nighttime Economy Summit 2024

The NDML team attended the NTE Summit Trade Show in Greater Manchester. Set in the Warehouse Project’s Freight Island; the event saw nightlife leaders come together for a series of talks.

NDML exhibited at the event, and we also managed to talk to speakers and panellists. Kate Nicholls OBE, CEO of UKHospitality, and key speaker at the NTE Summit, took some time with us to explain what she’s working towards and how she hopes to accomplish her goals. We wanted to gauge her unfiltered thoughts on the visitor economy sector as part of our Nightlife Unscripted Series.

Watch the video here:

NDML Talks To Kate Nicholls from UKHospitality

I’m Kate Nichols, I’m Chief Executive at UKHospitality and today I’ve come up from London to the NTIA conference in Manchester.

What was the last Nightlife venue that you visited and how was your experience?

Well I do go to quite a lot of late night venues. The last late night I went to was in the Corinthia Hotel, Velvet – it’s a DJ bar and cocktail bar. Before that I did go nightclubbing with my two daughters in the Ministry of Sound.

Why have you come to the summit today, what have you come to learn about and what have you come to talk about?

“I’ve come to learn from all of the brilliant people who’ve got the stands here about the services that they can provide to help support independent operators. It’s so key that we’ve got a vibrant dynamic ecosystem.

I’ve been speaking on a panel alongside the British Beer and Pop Association, the Nighttime Industries Association, Association of Town Centre Management and the Institute for Hospitality about how we collectively can campaign and lobby government to get the support that we need desperately to keep these venues going and our night time industry vibrant and dynamic.”

If you were made Prime Minister is there something that you would change about the nightlife industry?

The one thing I would do first Prime Minister for the day is cut the rate of VAT because that would help us lower prices for our customers. It would help us give [hospitality] businesses a fighting chance of survival, and allow us to invest in our people, our plan and our places.

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