Loss Recovery Insurance for Nightclubs and Nightlife Venues

Why is it Important to Use a Loss Adjustor?

Over the past year we have seen a dramatic increase in repudiated and delayed claims – strong evidence that insurers’ attitudes are hardening.

We are finding that even in straightforward cases there can be serious delays in accepting policy liability. This causes frustration and uncertainty as well as the obvious financial issues resulting from an interruption to cash flow.

How does Qlaims Loss Recovery work?

In the event of a claim, if you are a policyholder with NDML, we will contact Qlaims Loss Recovery to arrange their experienced specialists to visit you (depending on the size of your claim and policy terms) advising on the best approach to your claim. A Qlaims specialist will prepare your claim and negotiate for the best possible settlement to which you are entitled.

Why do policyholders need claims valuation advice and estimations?

In recent years claims have become more technical and due to the increase in fraudulent claims, insurers’ attitudes have hardened considerably. Insurers now appoint their own specialist Loss Adjuster to value any claim you present. This will not often work out in your favour, which is why it’s important to have an unbiased expert fight your corner.

At NDML, we will always assist in sorting out your claims; insurers insist a claim must be professionally valued and proven. Qlaims Loss Recovery provides nightlife venues with a team of claims experts, surveyors, and forensic accountants on call. They are able to advise and provide valuations on damages. These specialists will work with us to value and successfully negotiate your claim. Ensuring you get full value under the terms and conditions of your policy.

How to arrange a Loss Assessor to view my business premises?

There is no change on how you would report a claim to us, as now, all you need to do is ring NDML following any loss. Our number is 0344 488 9205.

In cases where by your business has sustained damage to the property, we now use QlaimStream, a live video streaming platform. Through our partnership with Qlaims, we can send a text message to your phone which converts it to a one-time video camera enabling our experts to view and record the damages immediately. As most smaller claims will not need an in-person valuation, you can now receive a claim e-valuation in minutes through QlaimStream.

Do you require a Loss Adjuster?

Have you experienced damage or need to make a claim?

Contact NDML for advice on how to proceed.