The nightclub scene in Great Britain

We love the nightclub scene in Great Britain. We work with thousands of nightlife venues because we’re passionate about the industry and the incredible experience venues provide.

It’s undoubtedly sad to see that annual admissions into UK nightclubs have dropped to around 100 million people each year… but that’s still around 273,791 people visiting clubs every single day on average. Pretty impressive, right?

People love nightclubs

Whether they’re heading to the local club to find love, listen to music or socialise with friends, every clubber will have their own unique reasons for enjoying a great night out.

We also noticed that, over time, people are searching for nightclubs just as much as they were three years ago. Admittedly it’s taken a little dip earlier on this year, but we’re pleased to report user searches for nightclubs are on the rise once again!

… but do people love pubs and bars more?

Our research shows that users are searching for terms related to pubs and bars far more frequently than nightclubs. We’ve previously discussed the changing needs of consumers and the future of nightclubs. The stats make it clear – nightclub customers might be lower in volume than other nightlife venues, but clubbers are still passionate about visiting their local nightclub.

The UK’s most popular nightclubs

We analysed popular media articles, social media presence and Google search trends to discover the UK’s most popular nightclubs… here’s our definitive top ten list!

  1. Fabric London
  2. Cirque le Soir London
  3. The Warehouse Project Manchester
  4. Motion Bristol
  5. Village Underground London
  6. Corsica Studios London
  7. Sugar Hut Essex
  8. Digital Newcastle
  9. Sub Club Glasgow
  10. Soup Kitchen Manchester

That’s a pretty impressive list of nightclubs! There are over 1,700 nightclubs out there, which equates to around 25 clubs per city. Our top ten nightclubs have thousands of social media followers and a loyal customer base ready and waiting to dance the night away.

Let’s take a further look at the nightclub scene in Great Britain…

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