New reports call on the government to support nightlife

The Night Time Industries Association has worked with a consortium of operators to commission a report from the Institute of Occupational Medicine. The report examines research on transmission of COVID-19 and the UK government’s approach on mitigating these risks.

Ultimately, it sets out to ask this very important question: are factors associated with the nightclub sector (such as crowded dancefloors or loud music) really likely to increase the risk of transmission, and how can these risks be mitigated?

The report provides insight into how nightclubs and other night-time leisure venues may be able to safely reopen. At the time of writing, venues such as nightclubs are still not able to reopen. There’s no firm date in site as to when this might happen. Many operators now face a very real threat of insolvency. A reopening date is now long overdue.

The Nightclub and Venue Reopening Strategy summarises the longer, full report. It provides insight into how nightclubs and venues could safely operate going forwards. The Managing COVID-19 Risk in the UK Entertainment Industry report is particularly comprehensive. It looks into transmission research, the government’s response and its subsequent implications for certain sectors. The report goes on to detail how businesses can reduce risk and implement prevention barriers.

Nightclub and Venue Reopening Strategy

The Nightclub and Venue Reopening Strategy report succinctly summarises expert advice on why the nightclub sector should be permitted to reopen with safety measures and additional procedures in place.

It argues that safe management of customers, thorough risk assessments and other control measures would keep visitors safe. When we look at unregulated environments such as beaches and parks, it’s easy to argue the case for allowing nightclubs to reopen.

It’s true that personal contact with someone with COVID-19, airborne transmission in crowded environments and surface contact transmission are the main ways individuals contract coronavirus. Barriers should be put in place to reduce the risk of exposure to each of these three key transmission methods.

The report details how nightclubs and venues currently operate It highlights the fact that many safety procedures and protocols such as cashless payments are already in place at many venues. It goes on to analyse the sector’s demographics. They are generally amongst the lowest at risk of serious illness should they contract COVID-19. Finally, it summarises how venues could utilise SAGE’s bow-tie method to mitigate exposure and therefore operate safely.

Lobbying for change

These reports are being given to the government for review. By implementing thorough risk assessments and putting protocols in place, there’s no reason why clubs and other venues can’t reopen.

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