Case study: How our industry connections saved our client from closure

When one of our longstanding clients, Winkers Farm, were told to close by the licensing officer, the NDML team were more than happy to step in to help.

About Winkers Farm

Winkers Farm is a nightclub in Chalfont St Peter. We’ve been insuring them for over 20 years, when they were looking for a broker that was attuned specifically to the night-time industry. Since then, we’ve enjoyed keeping the club safe.

Not only do we provide comprehensive insurance cover, we offer other services such as health and safety / risk management, HR advice and much more. Our wonderful team and dedicated claims department always makes sure Winkers Farm is looked after and treated to the exceptional NDML service they’ve grown to expect over the last few decades.

Unfair licensing problems

Like so many businesses in the hospitality and leisure industry, Winkers Farm were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the business owners decided to serve drinks outside with a marquee bar in the car park once the government gave pubs and bars the green light on 4th July. The licensing officer advised that under their license they were not allowed drinks in the car park.

Winkers Farm happily obliged and took the marquee down. They then decided to operate inside the venue as normal, following all social distancing and safety measures. The licensing officer visited yet again and advised that nightclubs were not allowed to open. Winkers Farm were forced to close their doors.

NDML gets involved

When our client got in touch to tell us they’d been forced to close, we leapt into action. Our strong association with the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) enabled us to get straight on the phone with their experts. They involved Sarah Clover QC, who wrote to the licensing office detailing the current guidance. Together, we were able to prove without question that the venue was acting legally and within their license.

The result

The licensing office quickly revoked their decision and Winkers Farm were able to open once again! They’re now enjoying being back up and running again, welcoming customers to their new outdoor drinking area for a socially distanced dance!

NDML’s service goes beyond simply arranging insurance cover. We have a fantastic network of contacts within the industry and will always go above and beyond to help. By facilitating the involvement of trade bodies, we were able to make sure our client was treated fairly.

Winkers Farm testimonial

It’s all very well and good us telling you all about our hard work. But nothing makes us prouder than a testimonial from a happy customer. Penny from Winkers Farm said the following…

“As the owners of our licenced premises since 1967, we are probably the longest single owned nightclub in the country.

From day one I was highly impressed with the customer service. I have now worked for many years with my own broker. I cannot fault his commitment to making sure we are fully insured, covered for every eventuality, and supported through any claims. His knowledge, sound sense and professionalism are key to safe insurance and knowing that I have someone who is mindful of the minutia of my business is paramount. NDML is stringent in making sure I fully understand every aspect of my personalised policy.

Their bolt on extra covers are extremely thorough, and I have always had excellent professional back-up with Health and Safety, HR, Business Interruption, Terrorism and more. The help, reassurance, and guidance from NDML in this situation is faultless and, again, their contact with appropriate legal contacts, a huge reassurance.

Over these many years I have always been impressed with NDML’s thinking ahead approach. When it comes to renewal time, a complete appraisal of my current policy is undertaken, and I am advised on future valuations and any possible legislation.

For anyone who is undecided about which insurance company/broker will always act with total commitment to the client, I would tell them that my long association with them is purely because I think they are the best. I have talked to others in the nightclub industry and we agree that their service, and importantly Premiums, are more than competitive.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic it must be highlighted that NDML has been at the forefront of fighting for their clients. The insurance industry’s predictable and disgraceful denial of our Business Interruption claims has come as no surprise to us. NDML have shown how committed they really are to correcting the insurance company’s behaviour, and consequently the fairness of our claim. Once again, they have garnered the help of the best legal minds, and produced the clearest, and hopefully soundest, undeniable arguments, to go forward to court.

I should also like to applaud their partnership with the NTIA who I have now had dealings with during this pandemic. I would urge all night-time and hospitality venues to look into joining this Association. The NTIA have been a huge support, both with their time and understanding, and with their legal contacts. I feel that NDML’s association with them ensures that, as clients, we have the very broadest spectrum of support.”

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