Case study: Supporting Distrikt

The background

Distrikt is a unique underground bar in Leeds that offers high quality, interesting drinks and a range of events and experiences. We’ve been working with Distrikt for over 11 years. It’s a strong relationship, and Distrikt themselves say they’ve never been tempted to consider alternative options for their insurance.

The NDML team loves a great night out – and luckily for us we work with a fantastic range of bars, clubs and restaurants. We want to support our customers in every way we can. And that includes regularly stopping by our customers’ venues. Distrikt has played host to a number of our memorable staff nights out!

We spoke to Jonathan Simons over at Distrikt to find out why choosing NDML has benefitted his business.

How we work

As a specialist broker to the night-time industry, we have been able to facilitate Distrikt’s unique business requirements. We pride ourselves on never delivering a one-size-fits-all service. Our personal approach ensures our customers receive the most comprehensive level of cover for the most affordable price, meaning they only pay for the cover they need.

Jonathan said: “Our brokers have always taken the opportunity to adapt our premium and make our policy more versatile and competitive without being prompted. It has been so reassuring that while I’m busy running my business the NDML team are busy improving my prospects and those of others alike.”

Going above and beyond

Our job isn’t just to arrange strong insurance cover. We also have a dedicated risk management team which means we’re in a great position to help businesses improve their health and safety procedures and bolster their risk management efforts. We want businesses in the night-time sector to achieve and, through supporting industry associations such as BARBIE and the NTIA, we make sure our voices (and our customers’ voices) are heard.

Our claims department fight our clients’ battles all the way. We don’t want to see a vexatious or spurious claim get paid. That’s because it impact our customers’ claims history and of course hits financially due to insurance excess. We work tirelessly to ensure our customers are treated fairly. In the case of a valid claim, we work hard to make sure our customers receive a settlement they’re happy with.

Jonathan says: “All serious claims have been dealt with with the upmost understanding and at all times being totally clear and transparent about the best course of action to serve my businesses interests. Face to face meetings on site were always conducted and evidence was assessed and evaluated in order to come to a suitable resolution. When necessary, particularly relating to robberies and thefts, NDML would discuss matters with the police and report back to me.”

The COVID-19 effect

Coronavirus hit. People (understandably) panicked. Not us. We made sure we kept clear and consistent correspondence with all of our customers. NDML published risk assessments, reopening guides and advice pieces. We wrote an open letter to the Chancellor. We stood by the NTIA and fought insurers for the fair treatment of our customers. And we also played an instrumental role in the FCA test case. This high court action will hopefully have a big impact on our customers. They may then be able to claim for lost revenue during the period of lockdown brought about by COVID-19.

Our response to the pandemic has been widely praised by customers, colleagues and industry leaders alike. We didn’t shy away from taking on tough conversations, and we were unbending in our solidarity with the night-time industry. All whilst trying our best to remain positive, reassuring and tenacious.

Jonathan added: “The team at NDML have been so supportive both throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and over the longer course of our history. I would wholeheartedly say that my business would be worse off had I not had their diligent assistance throughout its tenure.”

Receiving great feedback

Our job is to make sure our customers receive the best experience when working with us. So, when we get great feedback from our clients it really does mean the world. Jonathan Simons at Distrikt Bar gave us a wonderful testimonial demonstrating the real value of our team’s hard work.

“Over the years, with all the commitments of running my business, having NDML has been such a relief. I think the main appeal for me about the service NDML offer, despite the very competitive rates and always almost eager appearance to save me money, would have to be the personal service and familiar members of the team I have dealt with over the years. The honesty and integrity of the team has been quite humbling at times.”

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