Nightclubs now at more risk of closure than during the pandemic

NTIA publishes report on nightclub cost inflation in wake of the NTE Summit

Read the 2023 NTE report here

What’s the number of UK nightclubs?

December 2019 – 1446

December 2021 – 1191

September 2022 – 1068

These statistics come from CGA Vanilla reporting current nightclubs numbers for the UK

This shows over 255 nightclubs were lost between December of 2019 and December 2021, a closing rate of 10.63 per month. This equates to one nightclub being lost every three days during the pandemic.

However, between Dec 2021 and Sept 2022 we have seen a further loss of 123 Nightclubs, closing at a rate of 14 per month. This equates to one nightclub being lost every 2 days.

Therefore the inflation crisis is having even more of an impact upon our nightclubbing industry than a major national pandemic. Most likely this is due to the lack of Government support. We are now set to see 1 in 3 nightclubs lost in the past three years.

Considering how much the nightclub industry contributes to the UK economy, a huge £36.4 billion and 425,000 jobs, we believe this is an emergency crisis for the UK.

Nightclubs have made a huge contribution to the culture sector and are renowned globally. They are critical to the UK’s global identity, and account for 1.6% of our GDP.

Michael Kill calls for support

“The Government is ripping the heart out of nightlife, with cost inflation accelerating closures of nightclubs from 1 in 5 at the end of 2019, to 1 in 3 in just 9 months in 2022.”

“This inflationary circle is taking its toll on our sector, with businesses trading 15% down across the board, costs up over 30% taking the shine off the golden quarter.”

“Independent nightclubs across the UK are fighting to survive, managing cashflow on a day by day basis, waiting on a budget which has failed them twice before.”

“With the prominence of dance music in the UK as recently highlighted by the BPI, it is a huge tragedy for UK Culture seeing nightclubs in decline. These spaces nurture up and coming talent and are also cultural and social hubs of communities which are now at risk of being lost forever.“

“The Chancellor must consider support based on the important role that this sector plays in the economic recovery of this country.”“Independent businesses across the night time economy need you to re instate the alcohol duty freeze, extend business rates relief and reduce VAT across the board for everyone.”

The NTE Summit

The Night Time Economy summit runs from 9th to 10th February 2023. The event is ticketed but will be live streamed on Youtube.

The event features talks from many of the industries leading voices, including Mike Kill, Sacha Lord, Yousef and Danny Howard, as well as various certified bodies and government speakers. Many business owners, operators and leaders will be attending the event for networking purposes and to show their support for the industry. NDML will be there. We will have our own section of the event, and hope to report on the seminars. Find us at 110 Pennington Street to learn more about us and meet the team.

NTIA Launch Campaign to Reduce Hearing Loss with World Health Organisation “Make Listening Safe” Campaign

As we start Tinnitus Awareness Week, the NTIA are pleased to announce the partnership with the “Make Listening Safe” Campaign in the UK, an initiative of the World Health Organisation to increase the awareness of avoidable risks to hearing and promote the WHO’s global standards on safe listening at venues and events.