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NDML meets Phillippa Harding from BPS at CompSoc 2024

NDML attended the Competitive Socialising : The Power of Play event in London, Lighthouse Theatre, where operators and suppliers were exhibiting and accepting awards. We spoke to Base Performance Simulators and their Business Development Manager, Phillippa Harding. BPS were attracting huge crowds with their eye-catching driving simulators, a reflection of the impact their facilities could have inside venues.

We spoke to Phillippa about the rise of competitive socialising, and how BPS fits itself into the sector, servicing venues and late night events.

Why are you at the competitive socialising event today?

“We are here exhibiting our newly launched simulator. Our background is motorsports, but there is a big gap in the market on the commercial side, and not too many companies are producing simulators that are commercially ready. We are taking your at-home sim, and commercialising it.”

“Today’s event is about exposure in the market. Motorsport people know who we are but competitive socialising is such a growing sector and we want to be involved in that. We work with venues who are using simulators, and we are getting mor and more interest.”

Why do you think the competitive socialising sector is growing so rapidly?

“Because of the COVID experience, more and more people got use to drinking at home. Post-COVID, people wanted more than what they are able to do in their own house. Therefore, people when going out want more for their money. So for businesses, having that entertainment is really important to keep people in your venue.”

How can businesses incorporate competitive socialising at their venue?

“As sim providers, there is so much going on, both in terms of F1; growing an audience through Netflix; and karting, e-sports is a massive draw. Venues with our simulators use them during watch parties, allowing consumers to race the same cars and the same circuit as the pros are driving on the TV – and not just F1; British touring cars also. It’s a great way, and marketing technique, to get more consumers at your venue.”

How can BPS hope to improve a nightlife business’s profitability and dwell times?

“A lot of venues have got so many different parts to them, but by having another offering there, it keeps people in your venue longer.”

“The simulator is really competitive, and people often want to have more than one go. Ultimately, the longer they do, the longer their stay, the more they have to drink, to eat. They may also want to experience another activity on site. So it’s (competitive socialising experiences) are really good at keeping people at your venue, and helping you gain profit in different areas.”

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