Nightlife Unscripted with KwizzBit, and Mark Walsh

NDML meets Mark Walsh, CEO and Founder of KwizzBit

NDML attended the Competitive Socialising : The Power of Play event in London, Lighthouse Theatre. The team from KwizzBit ran an interactive quiz, as well as multiple competitions throughout the day. We spoke to their CEO and Founder, Mark Walsh, who spoke to us candidly about the rise of competitive socialising and how venues can diversify their offering to drive footfall all week round.

What are you exhibiting at CompSoc 2024 today?

“Live interactive trivia platform, used by hundreds of venues all over the UK. We give operators the chance to run their own live, interactive quiz.”

“We also broadcast live events direct to venues as well, so their consumers can take part in events with everyone else all over the world.”

“We’ve also got a new at-table solution as well, called Kwizzbit Solo. We offer competitive socialising, but at any scale for any venue.”

What’s the reason for the rise in Competitive Socialising?

“There’s a lot of reasons why competitive socialising today is growing at the rate it is. There’s a lot of people out there that want to go out and socialise, but there’s an awful lot of people who want to go out and be entertained. Those entertainment pieces, can come from anywhere – dartboard, shuffleboard, but people just want to get together and have fun, effectively.”

“What competitive socialising does for the industry is collect a load of cool, ingenious people who are very inventive and entrepreneurial, who come up with solutions – such as using our tech – to bring people together in a different way.”

Hospitality venues have been struggling with challenges, such as the cost of living, what are the ways they can adapt their business model in order to gain extra profitability?

“There’s some great venues; but some of them will say ‘There are not enough people out there – What can we do?’. Other venues will have something on every night of the week. This is where competitive socialising comes in; bringing people into venues.”

“Driving footfall into venues is key. To do that, there is our tech (KwizzBit), quizzes work well, karaoke works well. There are traditional things as well, but effectively if you can give them a reason to come, and something they can’t do at home, then you are going to drive them to the venue. Tag on a great food offer, great drink offer, and the entrepreneurial spirit, you end up with something that’s going to bring people into the venue. Hence resulting in more nights, more people, more rhythm of the week (as we call it), and more reasons to grow.”

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