Nightlife Unscripted with SingPods, and Paul Saunders

NDML talks to Paul Saunders, Business Development Specialist at SingPods

NDML attended the Competitive Socialising : The Power of Play event in London, Lighthouse Theatre. SingPods were exhibiting, having on of their pods in the venue for operators to try. We spoke to the Business Development Specialist at SingPods, Paul Saunders, who discusses the benefits of venues utilising services to provide competitive socialising at their venue, perhaps by taking advantage of lost spaces and by putting on competitive socialising events.

What are you exhibiting today at CompSoc 2024?

“We are exhibiting a sing pods, which is a popup pod that has karaoke booth inside. It’s also soundproof, so when you are inside you are in your own world. Some people are in their for hours, getting lost, and they come out thinking they’ve been there for five minutes.”

Why does SingPods fit into the recent competitive socialising rise?

“We started originally as a pop up for corporate events and weddings. But now we’ve moved into the competitive socialising industry.”

“Because of the pandemic there has been change and room for expansion and new ideas. Karaoke traditionally has been on a stage; we’ve put it in a little room, so it can be fit into any venue. So if you’ve got a spare space in your venue, put a karaoke pod in there, and you are away laughing.”

How can businesses adapt their venue to benefit from the popularity of competitive socialising?

“I think any venue with a spare space that isn’t being used – or if you are using it a few times a week – his is the perfect opportunity for any venue to jump on the competitive socialising train. Because it is rolling, it is exploding, getting bigger and bigger everyday. I think venues can and will benefit from it.”

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