Nightlife Unscripted, with Sacha Lord

NDML meets Sacha Lord at NRB 2024

Sacha Lord, special guest speaker at the NRB (Northern Restaurant and Bar) event for 2024, spoke to NDML. Sacha is the co-founder of Parklife festival and The Warehouse Project, as well as Night Time Economy Advisor for Greater Manchester.

We discussed the recent news, or lack of news, on VAT reduction, as well as the possible coming general election and what needs to be done.

Sacha provides his thoughts on the NRB24 event:

“There’s a real buzz to the event today, Grand Central is the most amazing space. I’ve been toa lot of events here and I think this is one of the busiest events I’ve seen – and I think that says a lot about the industry. We are certainly back again, and people have travelled here from all over the UK, so it’s great to see.”

Sacha provides his opinion on the nightlife economy going into 2024:

“The way this government has treated us is disgusting to be honest. They had one chance last week to reduce VAT. They missed it! Our cries, unified cries, for VAT reduction have been ignored. We’ll be sending a signal at the next general election. Their days are done.”

We ask Sacha, if he was made Prime Minister or Mayor, what would he put in place:

“[I’d] reduce VAT to 12.5%. Even at 12.5% we’d be more expensive than the top 26 other countries across Europe. But that 7.5% reduction, that buffer, would save many businesses and jobs. It’s a no-brainer!”

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