Pavement Licenses: Fast Track Advisory from Nexstart

In the wake of COVID-19, the government has undertaken a range of measures designed to help businesses get back up and running safely, and prosperously. These actions exist to help small businesses succeed despite exceptionally challenging situations.

Pavement Licenses and the Business & Planning Bill 2019-21

This bill is expected to soon get Royal Assent passing it into law, which will put in place measures to support businesses and the economy following the impact of coronavirus.

One part of this bill, includes a fast track for temporary pavement licence procedure. This means that venues in the hospitality industry have the potential to recover lost capacity by utilising public spaces (for example, pavements).

There there are considerations to take into account, so it’s important that any businesses proceeding with a temporary pavement licence consider anything that might affect their application.

NEXSTART have produced this useful guidance note covering the implementation of the process, and we recommend any venues applying for a temporary pavement licence to read this, and any future advice published to support you through the new regulations.

Download the advice