The ultimate list of resources for nightclubs

Owning and managing a nightclub is a rewarding challenge. We get that. We’ve been working with the industry for over twenty years, and we’re just as passionate about securing the future of nightlife as you are. 

We’ve compiled a list of go-to resources to help you set up and manage your nightclub successfully. We hope these useful resources for nightclubs will give you a great start! 

Opening a nightclub 

Managing a nightclub

Safety and security

Nightclub marketing

Nightclub news

Nightclub associations and advisors 

Nightclub legislation

Resources for nightclubs

Government Issued Grants

The grants that are available since we were placed into lockdown on 5 January 2021 are:

  • Local Restrictions Support Grant – LRSG
  • Closed Business Support Payments – CBSP
  • Additional restrictions grants – ARG

Visit your local council authority website to make a claim.

Would you like to be included in our list of resources for nightclubs? Get in touch with our team.