Business leaders come together to SAVE NIGHTLIFE

With the recent government announcement to delay the lifting of restrictions and move back “Freedom Day” to 2 or 4 weeks away.

Those at #SaveNightlife #LetUsDance & Night Time Industries Association have put together a campaign asking “What Next when there’s no one and nothing to dance to?”

They have teamed up with The Nasty Poet, editor Louis Pai, and our fellow industry friends to produce this video to remind everyone what we truly are missing, and more importantly WHAT WE ARE FIGHTING FOR!!! Soundtrack by Daniel Avery’s Lone Swordsmen. 

This comes 15 months after the initial closure of hundreds of nightclubs, venues and events across the UK that have yet to be able to reopen, leaving over 5,000 planned live shows across the UK now at risk of forced cancellation.

Over the past year, the Night Time Economy has seen the loss of over 700,000 jobs, billions of pounds in revenue has left thousands of businesses, artists and creatives in financial hardship.

According to Dice in a recent study, 24% of Brits have agreed that live music is the number one thing they’re looking forward to on return to the reopening of life in the UK.

Fans have spent a combined total of £1.3 billion on the UK’s return events, while 60% of music businesses have sold tickets to upcoming shows and club nights.

If the government is to push back this date a further 2-4 weeks it will leave companies who are overburdened with debt, at risk of permanent closure.

#SAVENIGHTLIFE, alongside NDML, are urging the government to allow clubs, venues and events to open. Our sector will not survive if we are not able to open our doors. Hundreds of thousands of workers and supply businesses rely on nightlife businesses, millions of customers rely on nightlife businesses for their social wellbeing, the nightlife world is a huge part of UK culture.

On the face of the announcement, it looks as though the government has, once again, underestimated and undervalued the importance of these amazing industries. The only way to save these distressed sectors is to open the doors and allow them to trade.