#WeAreNightlife – Graffiti Spirits Group, with Matt Farrell

#WeAreNightlife is a campaign to celebrate the night-time leisure and hospitality industry.

In our mission to showcase some of the staple venues of the most outgoing cities, we met with GSG owner and founder Matt Farrell. Growing from opening one venue in 2009, Santa Chupitos, the restaurant bar-group have birthed multiple venues around Liverpool and the north. The nightlife scene in Liverpool seems to have grown around original GSG venues and is now seeing a big boom.

Liverpool born and bred, Matt talks about starting Graffiti Spirits Group, and how he gives back to the community. He discusses the effect reopening hospitality has had to the feel of the city, improving the vibe and breathing life into the city centre. He also talks about the new attitudes toward mental health, and hopes the culture around a respect for the hospitality industry will continue to grow, rather than the complaint-culture of the past.

NDML shares with Matt Farrell and GSG this passion to see hospitality as a respected and treasured focus of British culture. Striving for this improved culture is why we believe GSG deserves to be recognised within #WeAreNightlife.

Matt discusses what’s loved about the leisure and hospitality industry and why its so crucial to human society:

“What I love about the industry is – I think humans are social animals and I think you’ve seen that through the pandemic how much people have really lacked that social cohesion. And I feel every time you come into a venue, its gives that aspect of being alive and creative. Its just part of an eco-system; its more like a lifestyle; I like that part of it and being able to please people and put good food on the table, good drinks, and I think being naturally hospitable is in the human nature.”

Matt shows how the pandemic has forced change in the hospitality sector and where this can be recognised and celebrated:

“When you are in the weeds in that capacity, we are seeing you can diversify brands. Things can change and sometimes you are forced into a change, but actually it might be for the better. Take outside dining for example, forced al-fresco should be something that stays, whereas councils over the last five to ten years have not been keen on people eating outside when I think you can see now it really breathes life straight into city centres and give a European cosmopolitan vibe.”

“Being able to change and diversify in working, especially with other sectors, they’re all linked. You’ve seen how linked these are. Theatres, taxi drivers, public transport, the lot, they’re all linked – if one doesn’t work then they all don’t work. Working as a group and working better together is definitely something we should take forward.”

“Definitely, there’s a big consciousness about mental health and people’s attitude; especially after returning to work and being isolated for so long. So just keeping a caring attitude and keeping an eye on people, and just being conscious about people’s different needs is something to take forward in life.”

“I think the future for GSG is bright. I’m hopeful and I’m confident, should the pandemic pass, we should be going into a better future and a bit of a boom for the industry.”

Find out more about GSG here and stay updated with how things are going for Matt and the team.

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