Summer may be over, but the risks remain

Summer 2019 is winding down, and it’s been an up and down season. We missed out on the consistent great weather of 2018, and were faced with ups and downs. From scorching sun one day, to torrential downpours the next.

It’s been unpredictable for the weather, and it’s been unpredictable for venues.

But as we head into the autumn and winter months, we can be positive and upbeat about the possibilities.

Let’s not forget that with the dark closing in early, there’s more opportunities for night time leisure. And there are the regular big events that are boons for the industry coming up. With freshers’ week, Halloween, bonfire night…and of course Christmas (which is approaching at an alarming rate) there are plenty of opportunities on our doorstep!

Even though the summer is over, and the weather has turned a bit (more!) miserable, this year has not finished yet.

And with the change in weather, the nights will be different. Atmosphere in venues will change, and with a different type of night life, there comes different risks.

The evolution of night time risks

As a responsible insurance broker, and specialist to the night time leisure industry, we advise all our clients that risk management is an ongoing process. You can’t calculate your risks once and assume that you’re permanently covered. Risks change and you need to adapt.

It happens night to night in night time leisure. No two nights are the same. Different audiences and different nights of the week can produce completely different risks.

It also happens season to season. The summer’s risks involved customers sitting outside and drinking through the day. Whereas the winter months may see people drinking quicker and trying to cram into smaller spaces and rooms.

It would be easy to leave your risk management and hope that the measures you put in place in summer will still be sufficient. But that could leave you liable for accident or injury. And even worse, put your customers and reputation at risk.

For many, September is a fresh start. New school, new university, new season.

So why not kick start the rest of the year by completing a full risk management health check? By re-examining everything that could pose a risk to your venue, you’ll give yourself the peace of mind that you’ve done everything to prevent the worst from happening. And if it does? You, your venue and you customers are protected.

If you need support on spotting, assessing and managing your risk, give our team a call, and we can guide you through what to do next.

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