NDML has been a longstanding partner of the NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) since their formation in 2015. Mike Kill, NTIA CEO and friend of NDML, shares our passion for the night time industry and acts as a defender of the leisure and hospitality sector.

Each and every day, we assist the NTIA in championing UK nightclubs and enormously successful entrepreneurs who make Britain one of the most exciting international destinations for tourists. Spearheading movements such as SaveNightlife and UKDSA, the NTIA have stood by the nightlife economy, and NDML have been right alongside them. The NTIA have assisted in our campaigns, including #WeAreNightlife, as well as providing our clients a voice across the media and in parliament.

Defending Hospitality Together through COVID

Together with the NTIA, NDML fought on behalf of clients who faced business disruption through the COVID pandemic and multiple lockdowns. In a monumental case which ascended to the Supreme Court, a cohort of industry representatives, including the NTIA and NDML, argued for policy holders be allowed to claim business interruption.

Working with the FCA, NDML represented both our clients and NTIA members, successfully agreeing a settlement with Hiscox. All the cohort acted pro bono to support the late night sector meaning clients would receive 100% of any settlement agreed with insurers.

On learning about our win, Mike Kill said: “We are pleased to finally announce that the FCA Supreme Court Case is bearing fruit for some of the hardest hit businesses during the Pandemic.”

Simon Mabb, Managing Director of NDML, said: “There are a number of very talented people behind this campaign who without whom these clients wouldn’t I believe have the results we are seeing developed now.”

NTIA Summits and Events

The NTIA have held the largest networking events for the sector, including the Night Time Economy summit. These events put on by the NTIA offer a great platform for discussion around the hottest topic and the big issues facing the industries. NTIA partnered events have been held in London, Bristol, Spain and the US.

The NTE summit consists of a series of conferences, focussed on topics such as meeting net-zero, nightclub security, the social economy and financial support.

At the event in early 2023, they launched The Nightlife Economy Report. The NTIA described the report as “showing the stark reality of the challenges faced by the industry and defines the true journey that the industry has been on over the last few years.”

NDML assisted with the creation and the publishing of the report. We believe this report is important for the majority to understand the importance of nightlife to the wider economy, and why it needs to be protected.

“The NTIA recommended NDML to us owing to their knowledge and experience of the late-night hospitality sector. After giving NDML an opportunity to quote for our insurance renewal, they were able to offer us a 20% saving on our premium as well as improving our cover.”

“NDML’s knowledge of our sector & our risks is very impressive.”

– Tristan Moffat, The Piano Works Group

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Why should clients consider activating their membership to the NTIA?

As an NDML client, make sure you’ve activated your free membership of the NTIA. We support the NTIA because they share our mission of protecting and supporting late night venues. Their members include bar and nightclub operators, restaurant and live music owners, private operators, street food festival companies, record labels, artist management companies, music promotion companies, property companies, friends and associates from the worlds of music and business.

Access your free NTIA membership when you work with us, join a huge community to expand, grow your network and build your brand. Find likeminded businesses within the NTIA, and receive the exceptional service and information NDML and the NTIA provide.