VACCINE PASSPORT VOTE – NDML urges you to email your MP

Email Template For Stopping COVID Passports in Nightclubs

Backbenchers have urged the PM to let them vote on the government’s vaccine passport plan that they have rightly deemed as misguided and horrific. The new Plan B rules are curbs on individual freedoms.

This is after Boris Johnson had announced that certificates proving double vaccinations will be needed to enter nightclubs.

We need you to email your MP, asking them assure you they will vote to stop the COVID Passport measures.

The main points include:

  • There is no evidence to support how the introduction of COVID passports would benefit the public however there is evidence to show how they will damage the nightlife economy.
  • COVID Passports are impractical for businesses to implement.
  • The scheme would be costly and would not benefit businesses nor the nine out of ten adults who have antibodies.
  • The introduction has eroded trust and transparency for the government in the public eye. A reversal of the decision could help mend this.
  • COVID passports are discriminatory.
  • MPs should vote to stop COVID passports being introduced for nightclubs and large venues.

Please email your MP with a statement outlying these points.

We have a template available here which should outline the structure and range of points for your own letter:

Dear [Name of MP]

I am writing as your constituent to express my concerns and objections to the proposed COVID Pass and to ask you to vote against mandatory COVID Passes in the forthcoming Parliamentary vote.

COVID-19 vaccines protect the vaccinated from serious disease, but data from the UK and other highly vaccinated countries now unequivocally show that none of the vaccines prevent you catching or transmitting Coronavirus, which would be the basis for introducing the COVID Pass.

The announcement that the COVID Pass would be introduced goes against the advice of the UK Parliament’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee report into COVID-19 status certification, which found that the government could not make a strong scientific case for vaccine passports, and that they would be discriminatory. The report was also clear that it is imperative the Government should produce a cost-benefit analysis, with full financial costings and detailed modelling of the potential impacts. The Government has failed to provide these for public scrutiny.

To summarise my concerns, I believe that

– the Covid Pass would be discriminatory on the grounds of race, religion and socio-economic status;

– the Covid Pass would be harmful to the economy as it is impractical for many businesses to implement;

– there is no strong scientific justification for the unevidenced Covid Pass;

– the vast majority of the adult population have had two doses of a Covid-19 vaccine and, according to the Office of National Statistics, nine out of ten adults have antibodies to Covid-19, so any Covid Pass scheme introduced at this point would be costly, with only diminishing returns;

– the Government has not been transparent in its intentions. At the time when Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment of United Kingdom Nadhim Zahawi made assurances that there were no plans to introduce the Covid Pass, the Government had already issued eight contracts to develop one. Such lack of transparency is eroding trust in the Government and Parliament;

– the Covid Pass would damage informed consent. The Council of Europe resolution on Covid-19 vaccines details ethical, legal and practical considerations for ensuring a high vaccine uptake, and urges Member States to “ensure that citizens are informed that the vaccination is not mandatory and that no one is under political, social or other pressure to be vaccinated if they do not wish to do so; ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated”;

– the Covid Pass might actually be counter-productive and deter some people from being vaccinated as reported by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vaccines for All, and in a recent study published by the MDPI entitled ‘“Vaccine Passports” May Backfire: Findings from a cross-sectional study in the UK and Israel on willingness to get vaccinated against COVID-19’. This could affect faith in future public health initiatives;

– the Covid Pass would create an illiberal medical papers-based checkpoint society that is completely out of keeping with our British way of life.

Furthermore, no impact assessment of the introduction of the Covid Pass has been made publicly available.

I am very concerned about the COVID Pass, and your decision will affect my vote in the next General Election.

Please could you reply to assure me that you will vote to stop the COVID Pass. If that is not your position, please could you reply to each of my concerns to explain why not. My decision regarding who to vote for in the future will be based on your reply to this letter.

Contact us for more assistance and to read more about the new Plan B regulations affecting nightlife.