Who will benefit from the Government Support Package for businesses?

What is the New Government Support Package?

The Government have anonouced subsidised energy costs from October 1st to March 31st 2023.

These subsidies will apply to commodity costs only and will not assist transmission costs or insurance premiums. Support will therefore assist with lots of expensive operating costs including new excessive energy bills.

What should Businesses do in response to the Government Support Package?

If you are out of contract, secure a contract as soon as possible – even if only until 31st March 2023

All busiensses should check your renewal date to ensure it runs at least until 31st March 2023. Renewal dates can be checked by contacting your broker.

Taking measures to limit or reduce consumption is also a good response to the economic instability we are seeing.

We’ve put together, in partnership with the NTIA, a detailed review of the new government support package, answering the most frequently asked quesitons.

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