Leisure Insurance

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As award winning insurance providers, NDML have years of experience in the leisure and restaurant industries which, combined with our dedication to customer satisfaction, make us the best choice for this type of insurance.

Why do you need leisure & restaurant insurance?

Insurance is essential because even the most thorough and consistent efforts to keep both your employers, property, and patrons safe can mean nothing in the face of bad luck or malicious intent. Claims from third parties, or even your own staff, can take enough of a financial toll on a business that some are left bankrupt. With our cover, you can breathe easier and focus more on what you love: providing optimal service for your customers.

What will leisure & restaurant insurance cover?

Our insurance packages are thorough, meaning assets like property and contents are protected, while scenarios such as unforeseen interruptions resulting in profit loss are covered by our packages. Public Liability insurance is an essential element of business protection as it protects you from claims made by third parties as the result of an accident.

Employers’ Liability insurance is also provided, which is a legal requirement for any business hiring one or more employees and protects you in the case that an employee makes a claim against your business. Money, stock and loss of licence are also covered, but our dedication to customer satisfaction means that the package can be tailored to suit your specific needs and wishes.

Trust your business with someone who understands your sector and the risks it faces.

For further information, to arrange a confidential face to face review or to speak to one of our experts – simply browse our website, fill out the contact form or call 0844 488 9205.