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NDML is an award winning insurance broker specialising in bespoke policies for the leisure and hospitality industry in the UK.

Our exclusive insurance policies are designed specifically to address the needs of businesses operating within the bar and nightclub sector, and cannot be offered by any other insurance broker in the United Kingdom. As a longstanding brokerage that was first established in 1998, NDML has a proud track record providing bespoke bar & nightclub insurance policies to a wide range of clients, dealing with all kinds of insurance related problems.

Comprehensive Bar & Nightclub Insurance

As well as bespoke insurance policies and products for a definitive range of clubs, NDML offers coverage that can consolidate all your risks with one expert broker, all for a quote that many of our competitors simply cannot match. Currently we supply insurance policies and related products for an extensive range of clients working in the entertainment, hospitality and leisure industry, including insurance policies for:

We recognise that the needs and risks that bar & nightclub insurance policies must cover are unique from other industry sectors, and thus require a specialist approach. Our insurance policies for a nightclub, club, bar or entertainment establishment are unique in character and content, and cannot be offered by any other broker in the UK.

We only ever deal with a limited number of “A” rated insurers, based in the United Kingdom, who we select based on their outstanding reputation for excellence as well as their knowledge and understanding of the leisure industry.

Dedicated Account Executives 24/7

The Account Executives at NDML are carefully vetted, recruited and trained, which means that you will be dealing with a specialist in their chosen field of expertise. We ensure that lines of communication between ourselves and our clients always remain open, allowing us to offer support, advice and protection whenever a situation arises.

With many insurance brokers, one of the main complaints from the people they serve is the lack of responsiveness to a particular problem or issue. With NDML, from day one our Account Executives will clearly explain your bar & nightclub insurance requirements with you in person, beginning with an initial face to face meeting where we can discuss every detail with you.

Should you have any queries or concerns about getting insurance for clubs or bars we are more than happy to discuss these with you, and should the worst happen you can rely on the speed, diligence and competence of our staff to resolve the situation promptly.

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