Partnering with your people

We’re passionate about the night-time economy and want to protect its future.

NDML is determined to help the industry fight against the pressures that threaten
your ability to trade and deliver a fantastic experience for your customers. NDML works with
a number of industry bodies and organisations whose job it is to bring venues together
and speak on their behalf.

Night Time Industries Association

Appointed broker since 2017

NDML is the appointed broker to the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA).

The NTIA is a Trade Association and Membership Organisation that promotes the
unique contribution of the night-time industry in the UK and internationally.

The NTIA are there to champion the benefits of night-time leisure as well as challenge unfair treatment and attitudes. They tour the country speaking to venue owners and managers about the issues that threaten their businesses.

NDML regularly collaborates with the NTIA on campaigns to highlight key issues impacting
the night-time economy, standing side by side with industry leaders to lobby for change.

BARBI Bristol

Appointed broker since 2018

NDML are sponsors of BARBI (Bristol Association of Restaurants, Bars and Independents). The group was set up in January 2017 to give independent businesses a collective voice with the council.

They arrange regular networking events for the industry, finding out
what’s impacting night-time leisure and lobbying for change.

Best Bar None

Preferred partner since 2010

NDML are the appointed brokers to Best Bar None, an Accreditation Scheme with National Awards supported by the Home Office and the drinks industry.

The scheme is aimed primarily at promoting responsible management
and operation of alcohol licensed premises.

The purpose of Best Bar None is to reduce night-time leisure related crime, build relationships between venues and authorities and improve
knowledge and application of regulations.

The Bingo Association

Preferred partner since 2016

NDML is delighted to be the preferred insurance partner to the Bingo Association.

The Bingo Association, formed in 1998, is the trade association for all licensed bingo operators in Great Britain. Its goal is to represent the industry by working alongside venues as well as central government and policy
makers to make change for the better.

They’re involved in the research, education and treatment
of problem gambling.

If you’re an industry body and you’re interested in partnering with the UK’s leading night-time industry insurance specialist, contact our team today.

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