All That Jazz – Why We’re Still Celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month This April

Now more than ever, it’s time to focus on positive things and enjoy music, culture and the arts. 

Ever since 2001, April is Jazz Appreciation Month. The jazz sector is worth over £85 million to the UK economy – it’s a hugely important style of music and this month is a great chance to celebrate Jazz music and enjoy listening to something new. 

You might not be able to head down to your local jazz club, but you can support the industry and embrace Jazz Appreciation Month with these top tips: 

  • Discover a new playlist

Spotify has dozens of Jazz related playlists such as Jazz UK for you to plug into. If you have a favourite jazz artist already, why not dig in to their earlier albums or try related artists? 

  • Attend an online jazz concert or streamed live music performance

One plus point of the current lockdown is our global connectivity has increased. There’s no shortage of jazz concert livestreams happening all over the world. Sit back with a drink in hand and enjoy the show!

  • Try a bit of jazz mindfulness

Listening to jazz activates one of the most creative brain waves – meaning it’s a great tool to get those creative juices flowing. It’s also effective for reducing stress and supporting your immune system. See? Jazz music is good for you!

  • Read more about the history of jazz music

Jazz music has had a profound impact on society and cultures across the world, including a huge impact on the night-time industry. The history of jazz clubs, for example, is particularly fascinating and they continue to be popular today. Jazz clubs provide a cultural hub for music lovers to congregate and enjoy a night out. But do you know its roots? Brush up on your jazz club knowledge. 

  • Find fun facts

Who else is a virtual pub quiz supremo? Obscure, fun facts are likely to stick in your mind and makes for a great specialist subject or talking point with friends and family. For example, did you know some common terms such as gigs or cribs originate from the Jazz Age? 

  • Learn classic jazz instruments

Fancy playing saxophone or an upright bass? Use the lockdown as a great excuse to try something new. If you own or manage a nightclub, put plans in place to start up an open mic or jazz night once you reopen – it’ll be a great chance to show off your new skills. 

  • Get a cocktail delivery

There are several online businesses selling cocktail delivery services. Fancy a Martini shaken and served through your letterbox? Give it a go, and imagine yourself sipping a cocktail amongst some of history’s jazz greats. 

  • Use a takeaway or collection service to order from your local bar 

Support your local club, bar or pub by ordering your drinks from them. It’s time to go ‘in-in’! Contact your local and find out what services they’re still operating. 

How are you celebrating the night-time industry? Make sure jazz clubs, cocktail bars and all other night-time industries go the distance by supporting the Night Time Industries Association in its mission to help the night-time economy thrive.