NDML talks to Business Development Executive, Martin Garland

Meet Martin Garland

For many of our nightclub, hospitality and restaurant clients, Martin is the first point of contact they have with NDML. Martin is an excellent people-person ad relationship builder, also able to dip into his knowledge about insurance and risk management in the sector.

Martin specialises in building relationships with restaurants, bars and leisure. His role predominantly utilises different marketing channels to promote NDML’s benefits and solutions. Many clients have Martin to thank for being introduced to our tailormade and expert solutions.

Learn more about Martin below:

“My role is to be first contact for new clients and new business. And then I schedule appointments with our Executives to conduct a visitation.

“I used to work as a chef. I’ve been a chef for many years. So in my current role I like to focus on restaurants because I’ve worked in the sector and I know the risks very well. I’ve also worked in pubs and night venues.”

“We know people who work in restaurants re very busy, whether it’s the owners or the individual managing the insurance. We try and adapt, understand when is best to go and see them. The result could be a phone call, or sending someone out at another time to see the venue We prefer to conduct a consultation face to face.”

“For restaurants, stock depreciation which covers all their purchases as well as if items expire. Terrorism is a risk we cover, such as if an unforeseen incident happens and the owners have to close the business, we would provide cover. This lies closely alongside business interruption; for example if a building next door has a fire and work is impeding custom, we’d cover the losses.”

“We have our own claims team. When a client needs to make a claim, they can ring us anytime of the day. Our team work for our Leeds office on behalf of the group. They have an excellent claims record, having won awards in the sector.”

“Being a chef in the kitchen was very stressful. Because I’m working at NDML now, I find cooking for myself more enjoyable. I’d like to learn new recipes on a weekend, I find it relaxing, and that’s probably how I’d like to spend my ideal Saturday.”

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