Pavement Licence Regime Extended

Prior to the impact of COVID-19, the government undertook a range of measures designed to help businesses get back up and running safely after lockdown. These actions were undertaken to help small businesses succeed despite exceptionally challenging situations.

The Pavement Licences regime we implemented to cut the red tape preventing businesses from placing tables and chairs on the highway. Read NEXSTART’s useful guidance covering the details of the process. We recommend any venues applying for a temporary pavement licence to read this.

Pavement Licenses by the Business and Planning Act 2020 has now been extended

The bill has put in place measures to support businesses and the economy following the impact of coronavirus. It will be especially prevalent on the 12th April, as step 2 of the government’s roadmap out of lockdown initiates and hospitality businesses will be able to utilise outdoor venues. The legislation was due to expire on 30th September 2021 but this will be extended to September 2022 via secondary legislation and subject to parliamentary approval.

One part of this bill includes a fast track for temporary pavement licence procedure. This means that venues in the hospitality industry have the potential to recover lost capacity by utilising public spaces (for example, pavements).

Read Robert Jenrick’s letter to parliament here. It involves the benefits of the pavement license and highlights the measures in place to support the safe re-opening of hospitality businesses.

Download the letter

Before you start utilising pavement space remember to check your insurance cover!

Some insurers will automatically cover your venue when you utilise pavement space, however some may not.

If you haven’t already undergone a risk assessment for utilising pavement space, and didn’t use it before lockdown, you must let your broker know before doing so.

This is to ensure you have full and appropriate cover, and aren’t left underinsured or exposed to claims which could be declined if you haven’t taken the necessary steps to inform your insurer.

For NDML clients, this service is provided. You should notify us if you are utilising pavement space, or would like to in future, and we will arrange the suitable coverage.