Keeping your venue claim free this Easter – what you might not have considered

The big weekend is fast approaching – only 9 days til Good Friday at the time of writing – and your risk management planning should be well underway. Easter weekend could be huge for your venue, with more customers staying longer and spending more money. It could bring about some welcome relief on your bottom [...]

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Why this Easter period is so important for the nighttime leisure industry

A few weeks ago, the NDML team traveled to the Northern Restaurant and Bar Show in Manchester to meet venue owners and discuss the current state of the nighttime leisure industry. We were joined by the NTIA, who were raising awareness for the #savenightlife campaign. Following recent licensing changes in places like Hackney, and high [...]

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Noise complaints: know your rights

For a long time, pubs, nightclubs and bars were under attack from local residents complaining about the noise. Many found themselves on the wrong end of council legislation which caused some to close down. But rightly so, venues are starting to fight back. Social media is now packed with examples of pubs defending their customer’s [...]

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Interpretation of warranty case study

Insurance needs expertise. And we’re not just saying that because we’re considered the leading experts in nighttime leisure insurance in the UK. Insurance can be complicated and subject to interpretation, so it’s important that you know what you’re looking for when you’re going through your policy wording. For this blog, we thought we’d look at [...]

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Why is nightlife unfairly associated with violence?

Earlier this week, we typed ‘nightclub news’ into Google to get the latest on the night time leisure industry in the UK. The top 10,20,30 results were dominated with stories of stabbings outside an Oxford Street nightclub. Not one single positive story about all the good nightclubs do for the economy and people’s wellbeing. In [...]

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Learning how to use our new defibrillator!

This week, NDML; staff have spent time learning how to use the new defibrillator which will be permanently housed on the outside of our head office in Leeds. After having recently experienced the devastation that can come from heart-related illness, our staff are keen to prevent others feeling the same loss. We’ve purchased the defibrillator [...]

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NDML partners with hero wellbeing

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with hero wellbeing to launch their new app, Navigator! The app and online platform will help our staff keep track of their personal health and wellbeing by linking to wearables such as Apple Watches and Fitbits, and giving key information about nutrition, sleep and exercise through the wellbeing [...]

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5 key things to consider when you’re buying insurance for restaurants

Buying insurance for your restaurant is never easy. For a start, your expertise lies in giving customers an amazing experience with great food, drink and entertainment. No one can expect you to be an insurance expert as well. And even if you were an expert, how could you ever find the time to look into [...]

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