How cyber crime can affect your business

Cyber attacks are on the rise, and are becoming increasingly more intelligent. In this area of ever evolving threat, it’s difficult to stay protected, but it’s not impossible. But if the worst does happen, are you 100% sure you’d be protected from catastrophic loss? And the most concerning part about cyber risk? It can affect […]

Health & Safety: The HSE has increased its FFI hourly rate by 20%

The HSE has recently increased its Fee For Intervention (FFI) hourly rate from £129 to £154. A £1.9m loss was declared in 2017/18 and the hike in price is said to have been implemented to ensure that the HSE can cover all of their operating costs, and to stop running at a deficit. FFI was […]

Training: The importance of an induction

The importance of an induction Within the working environment it is vital that everyone within a company knows how to work safely without risks to their health. An employer must provide information and instructions that are clear to follow along with any additional training required. A staff induction is used to provide new staff with […]

HR: What you need to know about the Good Work Plan

In December 2018 the Government published their Good Work Plan, which has been described as ‘the biggest package of workplace reforms for over 20 years’. This plan will result in a full review of the UK labour market and as such, it is likely that we will soon see changes implemented to increase the rights […]

HR & Employment Law: Supporting LGBT in the workplace

Saturday 6th July saw the annual London Pride parade. The first official London Pride was held in 1972, with around 2,000 people thought to have been in attendance, com-pared to this year’s event, which is thought to have attracted over a million. We also celebrated in Leeds yesterday, the 4th August, with the city’s biggest […]

Health & Safety: Large fine increases for organisations of all sizes

In February 2016, the Sentencing Council’s Health and Safety Offences, Corporate Man-slaughter and Food Safety & Hygiene Offences Definitive Guideline came into force. The guideline followed a new model based on the culpability of the offender, the risk of harm created by the offence, the likelihood of harm and any actual harm caused. The aim […]

HR & Employment Law: New ruling on 20 minute rest breaks.

A rest break is defined as an uninterrupted period of not less than 20 minutes if the worker’s working time is more than six hours. The worker is entitled to spend their rest break away from their workstation (if they have one) (Regulation 12(1) and (3), Working Time Regulations 1998). Is a worker entitled to […]

Health & Safety: Are your fire procedures adequate?

To make sure your venue stays safe, we’ve teamed up with Health & Safety, Employment and HR specialists Stallard Kane. We’ll be bringing you insight into the key issues that might affect you, and how to protect yourself against them. Following a recent study, a large number of premises still have inadequate fire procedures. Particular […]

What you should know about the Ogden rate change

One of the biggest stories of the moment in the insurance industry is the recent change to the Ogden discount rate. The industry as a whole was expecting the discount to rise from -0.75% up to between 0-1%. The announcement on Monday (15th July) saw the rate raising to just -0.25%. So what is the Ogden […]