Extreme cold weather is on its way

Those of you who ventured out of the house this morning were more than likely covered in a dusting of snow. The bad weather is on its way. A quick glance of the weather forecast pages of the national newspapers paints a grim picture of the next few weeks. ‘Threat of icy conditions’. ‘Britain experiences [...]

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A positive Christmas period for our bars and clubs

As a responsible insurer, we’re often accused of only commenting on the ‘doom and gloom’ news. We tend to only speak up when we’re warning our readers about risks, or advising them not to do something. So for once, we thought we’d pounce on a bit of really good news for the leisure and hospitality [...]

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How to prevent workplace stress

This is the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas is a time where we can relax, be merry and enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones. But not so much for the night time leisure sector. Christmas for nightclubs, pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues means more revenue, but also [...]

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Acid attacks: How to prevent a very real threat

It’s not something we want to talk about. An attack that causes serious harm to lots of people is the worst fear of any venue owner. But we have to face the fact that acid attacks are a very real threat. The UK has one of the highest acid attack rates in the [...]

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New PPL tariffs are unfair and could jeopardise the future of many venues

As if the night time leisure industry wasn’t under enough pressure, the new PPL tariffs could see many nightclubs fold under financial strain. In a week where stats show pub and bar numbers are plummeting at an alarming rate, NDML write this article to encourage venue owners to stand together and oppose unfair [...]

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Winners of Ambassadors Of The Night

The Night Time Economy is worth in excess of 70 Billion UKP per annum across Britain. More than simply revenue and the creation of jobs and regeneration of areas and cities, it is also recognised for its key role in our ‘Cultural Capital’. To celebrate contributions made to the night time economy, the [...]

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Reduce the impact of flooding at your venue

This week has seen heavy rainfall in many parts of the UK with flooding becoming a real risk. Scotland, Northern Ireland and the North of England are likely to be most at risk, but in previous years we’ve seen devastating flooding in the South West and Essex. If we have a rainy winter, [...]

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How can our Business Protection help your business

A standard insurance broker will offer you a standard insurance package. It will probably include all the standard business policies like employer’s liability, public liability, business interruption, contents cover etc. But standard isn’t what you want. And it certainly isn’t what you need. In an industry as complicated and ever-changing as night time [...]

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Are you ready for Christmas?

The nights are getting darker. There’s a calming chill in the air. Every street is adorned with lights and festive cheer. That can only mean one thing. Christmas is here. Well, almost, at least. We’re guessing that as we’re now comfortably into November, your venue’s party season is well underway. Halloween and bonfire [...]

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